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Jon Gindick and his band of professional musicians have been making the world a happier place by sharing their music with audiences coast to coast! Check out their two studio albums. If you are in the Ventura, CA area, you might just catch the band playing at some of their favorite venues.

Studio Albums

I’ve been playing harp, guitar, singing and songwriting for 50 years. I just love song writing. I love the marriage of words to music. I love the poetry of the perfect melody meeting the perfect words and the perfect chords and groove. A lot of this has to do with my job as an advertising copywriter, creating and writing instructional harp books, and also my lifetime exploring language as a wanna be novelist.  It has to do with my boyhood fascination with early Dylan, the Beatles, Van Morrison, Tom Waits and  the primacy of great lyrics and interesting chord progressions. My music marries my love of this melodic music to my love of the blues and blues harmonica- which is the instrument through I see the world.

When We Die We All Come Back As Music

When We Die, We All Come Back As Music

All songs written by Jon Gindick. Ralph Carter produces, and plays many of the instruments.

Love at the All Night Cafe

Love at the All Night Cafe

This album is a collection of 12 diverse songs, like a harmonica driven book of short stories.

Jon Gindick Band

Here’s the ensemble we would like to bring to your venue:Jon Gindick on harmonica guitar and vocal, Saul Moluck, bass and backing vocals: Pete Gallagher, and Ralph Carter on keys. This is just a practice video, not a canned filmed and edited commercial piece. The song is a Gindick original that traces the edge of drama and music. The feel is remotely Caribbean. The title is: “Cant Get That Black Girl of My Mind”

“Feeling Her Gone” Jon Gindick Ensemble

Angelo Izzo filmed Jon Gindick performing with bassist Ralph Carter and drummer Pete Gallagher and The Wine Rack Lounge is Ventura, California. THIS IS FUN.

“Wine Bar Jon”

The Right Kind 0f Music For A Good Time

“Playing Rooms Correctly Requires Sensitivity to the Ears of Your Patrons.”

Jon Gindick lives in Ventura California and is available to play bluesy jazzy originals and covers as a duo, trio or full band. Amazing sidemen, easy volume for restaurants and wine bars. Contact Jon Gindick for shows, lessons, information on seminars, phone consulations, etc.

“Jon Gindick is a virtuoso harp player with beautiful tone and an ability to weave intoxicating melodics around the songs. His voice is a delightful surprise, with some of the wry humor and rough edges of a Delbert McClinton. ”

Blues Blast Magazine

“The master harp player demonstrates not only what a brilliant harp player he is, but all delights the listener with a masterful display of contemporary blues…and musical twists.”

David Roman

2SSRFM 99.2 Australia

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