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All My Products For Aspiring Harp Players.

These books, audios and videos are world-famous for their unique approach to teaching and success in the development of harp players. Each is a special contribution to your harmonica knowledge and progress.

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My “Best Deal” Harp Club

Online Learning

For a $129.00 one-time lifetime membership fee, my “Best Deal” Harp Club offers a rich assortment of instruction, jamming and feedback. Included are downloads of Harmonica for Musically Hopeful book and audio, Bluesify Your Melody, Cross Harp Songbook with audio, the two 2nd & 3rd Position Forever 70 minute videos, and the all important Jam Tracks. And dig this: you also receive one Skype lesson for feedback, instruction, direction and encouragement. And another huge bonus. You also get links to over 50 private YouTube lessons. Ordered individually, this would cost about $200.

$129 for a lifetime membership

Books & Audio

Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless

Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless

112 page e-book and 73 minute audio $24.95

Completely revised in 2011, this new version is perfect beginners and intermediates who want to learn the arts of blues harmonica. It assumes you know nothing about music and the harp, and that you could use a little encouragement. What follows is a humorous and fun audio and e-book program that will get you playing songs, playing riffs, bending, getting vibrato and jamming up a storm. Intermediates with grey tone, no vibrato, weak bending, bad phrasing: this book and CD will help!

Rock N Blues Harmonica

Rock n’ Blues Harmonica

A Rich World of Harp Knowledge, Songs, Stories, Lessons, Riffs, Techniques and Audio Index For a New Generation of Harp Players

224 Page e-book and 73- Minute Audio mp3 Jamming Buddy $24.95

Inspired by the idea that most music instruction is boring and irrelevant to most people most of the time, Rock’ Blues Harmonica teaches every important harmonica technique and theory in a way that communicates to the most instruction-hating, theory-phobic, eyes-closed, leave-me-alone-I’m-jamming harp player.

The book includes: choosing your harmonica, first sounds, connecting your body to the harmonica, musical breathing, getting sweet tone, playing chords, single notes, basic blues riffs, I-IV-V progressions, bending, tongue-blocking, octaves, vibrato, headshakes, mics and amps, 6 positions of the blues, famous riffs, cross harp melodies, and more. The audio index at the back of the book tells you the key harp you need to jam with about 40 great blues harmonica artists’ albums, from Little Walter to Charlie McCoy, Sonny Terry to Sonny Boy Williamson II.

This is a book that puts it all in perspective and takes you deeper and deeper into the ideas, techniques, and attitudes that take you into the heart and soul of the music.


Bluesify Your Melody

Cross Harp Songbook: Bluesify Your Melody

E-book and 73 minute audio $24.95

A harp player does not live by jamming alone. You also also want to play songs that people know. This book is a compendium of the world’s 90 most recognizable folk, gospel, blues, patriotic and holiday songs played jazz and blues style, including tabs for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 12th positions.

Harmonica Americana

Harmonica Americana book with two 60 Minute Audio Lessons

Only $24.95

Harmonica Americana is a beautiful song book with wonderful illustrations, songs, and text. It teaches 1st position aka Straight Harp.There are two play-along, sing-along volumes of music including a great beginners harp lesson. CD Volume I: “The Lesson CD,” which plays every song slowly…and gives you expert advice on breathing, articulation and tone. CD Volume II “The Concert Play Along” — with guitar, harmonica and singing on every song perfect for your play along and listening enjoyment. These are simple, fun tunes that everyone knows with easy instruction, perfect for seniors, children and campfire harp players. For C harp.


Cross Harp Forever Videos

Cross Harp is the old-fashioned term for 2nd position, the traditional blues harp style. This 10-part, 120-minute video was carefully created for beginners and intermediates. It begins with fundamentals– step-by-step instruction on playing single notes with great tone, the arts of bending, using simple riffs for improvisation, understanding the 12-bar blues, and playing some great songs like Rolling and a Tumblin’ and Trouble in Mind, playing Cross Harp style.

$29.95 Download 10 chapters

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3rd Position Forever Videos

Everyone is talking about 3rd Position. It’s a different approach to the harp, and plays primarily in minor keys. It is perfect for blues, rock, jazz, and more. And surprise! It is easier than Cross Harp with a slightly different blues scale and voice. From 4 blow to 10 blow, you can hit the blue notes without bending. Together we dive deeper into theory with an explanation of scale degrees, 12-bar blues and more. You will learn the 3rd position way of playing great songs: “Wade in the Water,” “House of the Rising Sun,” “The Thrill is Gone,” “Spoonful,” and many more. This video series has 10 chapters. For G harp.

$29.95 10 chapters

Two Essential Styles

Learn 2nd and 3rd Positions On Video

$29.95 each or both $49.95

Audio Lessons with PDF Notes

Gospel Plow

Gospel Plow: Cross Harp Spirituals

Audio Lesson 70 minutes PDF tab sheet

In 2nd position, I walk you through and we jam on: “Amazing Grace,” “What A Friend We Have in Jesus,” “Wade in the Water,” “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” “ When the Saints Go Marchin In,” “Just A Closer Walk with Thee,” “Jesus is Fairer,” “Sowing on the Mountain”, “Kum ba yah” and “Hold On.”

Robert Johnson Lesson

Robert Johnson Harmonica Songs & Lesson

Audio Lesson 70 minutes with PDF tab sheet

Hey harp player! Do know any Robert Johnson songs yet? Here is a tab and instructions to play some of the great blues songs of all time. Songs include: “Love in Vain,” “Dust My Broom,” “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Walking Blues,” “Rollin and a’ Tumblin.”

7 Positions Harmonica

7 Positions of Diatonic Harmonica

Audio Lesson 70 minutes with PDF tab sheet

Along with a quick review of 1st and 2nd positions, you’ll learn riffs, scales and songs for 3rd position (C harp in the key of Dm), 4th position (C harp in Am), 5th position (C harp in Em), 6th position (C harp in Bm, and 12th position, (C harp in the key of F.) The pdf booklet also includes a Positions Chart you can print out, and carry to gigs.

Muscle Memory Riffs

Muscle Memory Riffs

30 minute Lesson with one page info sheet $14.95

Internalizing a collection of riffs is an important element of developing a Cross harp improvisational style. This lesson is to help you play the riffs over and over. It is for your C harp. These is no jamming on this lesson. It consists of solo drills to help get these phrases into your body and breath. It may not be my most fun Cd, but definitely a powerful way to get better quickly.

Special Stuff

Jon Gindick Video Lesson

 Face-to-Face SKYPE Lessons

$50 each, $90 for two

 How would you like your own personal harmonica mentor? That’s a role I have played for hundreds of harp players from all over the word. I love giving lessons and connecting with guys and gals through the harp. SKYPE allows you and I to have personal Face to Face lessons that are just as good as personal lessons. Face to face, harp to harp, close up. I will be your personal blues harp mentor.

Harp Hat and Glasses

Jam Tracks

Backing Tracks for Blues Harp

Get better every day. This perfectly recorded collection of drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard provides 12 different compositions for your jamming pleasure. Every important blues groove is represented, and each bluesy track is begging for harp. $24.95 (included with Harp Club)

    Jon Gindick Harmonica Lessons


    My Music Will Blow Your Mind!

    Teaming with some great Ventura musicians and producer/instrumentalist Ralph Carter I have made two acclaimed CDs of original songs:

    • When We Die, We All Come Back As Music
    • Love at the All Night Cafe

    Listen to the song & read the reviews before you buy!

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