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Some of the audio projects have quite a few files. Be sure to organize them in a folder. Some of the products use zip  files. Use a popular unzipping program like Winzip to unzip them.

Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless

Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless

112 page e-book and 73 minute audio $24.95

Completely revised in 2011, this new version is perfect beginners and intermediates who want to learn the arts of blues harmonica. It assumes you know nothing about music and the harp, and that you could use a little encouragement. What follows is a humorous and fun audio and e-book program that will get you playing songs, playing riffs, bending, getting vibrato and jamming up a storm. Intermediates with grey tone, no vibrato, weak bending, bad phrasing: this book and CD will help!

Rock N Blues Harmonica

Rock n’ Blues Harmonica

A Rich World of Harp Knowledge, Songs, Stories, Lessons, Riffs, Techniques and Audio Index For a New Generation of Harp Players

224 Page e-book and 73- Minute Audio mp3 Jamming Buddy $24.95

A Rich World of Harp Knowledge, Songs, Lessons, Riffs, Techniques, Stories, and Jams for Beginning through Intermediate Players.

Inspired by the idea that most music instruction is boring and irrelevant to most people most of the time, Rock’ Blues Harmonica teaches every important harmonica technique and theory in a way that communicates to the most instruction-hating, theory-phobic, eyes-closed, leave-me-alone-I’m-jamming harp player.

The book includes: choosing your harmonica, first sounds, connecting your body to the harmonica, musical breathing, getting sweet tone, playing chords, single notes, basic blues riffs, I-IV-V progressions, bending, tongue-blocking, octaves, vibrato, headshakes, mics and amps, 6 positions of the blues, famous riffs, cross harp melodies, and more. The audio index at the back of the book tells you the key harp you need to jam with about 40 great blues harmonica artists’ albums, from Little Walter to Charlie McCoy, Sonny Terry to Sonny Boy Williamson II.

This is a book that puts it all in perspective and takes you deeper and deeper into the ideas, techniques, and attitudes that take you into the heart and soul of the music.

“A book and audio you’ll want to live with while you learn blues and rock.”
David McKibben, Harp Player

“Rockin Blues Harmonica was exactly what I was looking for when I first started playing harmonica. I’d tried many other books previously, but Jon’s books really helped me to understand how to play. They are written and recorded in a way that anybody can follow.”
Greg Ranger, Harp Player

Harmonica Americana

Harmonica Americana book with two 60 Minute Audio Lessons

Only $24.95

The book, a beautiful song book , with wonderful illustrations, and text. Plus two play-along, sing-along volumes of music including a great beginners harp lesson.

CD Volume I: The Lesson CD, which Plays Every Song Slowly…and gives you expert advice on breathing, articulation and tone. CD Volume II The Concert Play Along — which features Jon, playing guitar and singing on every song for your play along and listening enjoyment. This is simple, fun music, and you are invited to play along.

Songs include: Beautiful Dreamer, When the Saints Go Marchin, Down by the Riverside, Red River Valley, Down in the Valley, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace. Star Spangled Banner, Frankie and Johnnie, On Top of Old Smokey, Battle Hymm of the Republic, Old Folks at Home, Oh Susanna, Amazing Grace. Auld Lang Sign, America the Beautiful, Turkey in the Straw, Danny Boy, Stars and Stripes Forever, Brahms Lullaby, The Ol’ Grey Mare and many others.

In Volume II Jon plays each of the songs with guitar, harmonica and vocals. Play along, sing along, or use the guitar chords to strum along. Included is an illustrated history of the harmonica, how it originated as the Chinese sheng, and came to the United States. Basic techniques such as cupping, single notes, moving the harp are included in both book and audio volume I.

Bluesify Your Melody

Cross Harp Songbook: Bluesify Your Melody

E-book and 73 minute audio $24.95

The world’s 90 most recognizable folk, gospel, blues, patriotic and holiday songs played jazz and blues style. Including tabs for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 12th positions. With guitar chords.

From “Shenandoah” to “Silent Night,” “Amazing Grace” to “Wabash Cannonball,” these old songs become bluesy when played in 2nd position. That’s why this Cross Harp Songbook is so important. Along with developing a great repertoire, you’ll develop your ear for melody, bends and rhythm, and be able to play common songs in the style everybody loves.

The book gives you tab, lyrics and guitar chords, and the 73 minute audio demonstrates each song. Not all are presented in 2nd position. Depending on how they are best played, some are in1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 12th positions. You’ll learn a lot!

The 90 songs are organized in sections that help you explore the genre and content. These sections are: Mixed Americana, Real Folk Blues, Children’ songs, Love Songs, Train Songs, Cowboy Songs, Old Time Religion songs and Holiday songs.

Here are some of the best songs, tabbed and played blues style: Shenandoah, Camptown Races, Cripple Creek, Man of Constant Sorrow, Stagolee, St. James Infirmary, Shortnin Bread, Froggie Went a’ Courtin’, Rollin in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, This Train, Nine Hundred Miles, Home on the Range, Red River Valley, Amazing Grace, Jingle Bells, Silent Night, House of the Rising Sun, Cat Fish Blues, Bill Bailey, Star Spangled Banner… plus 70 more!

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