Small-Group Blues Harmonica Jam Camps

Blues Harmonica Jam Camps in Ventura, CA

Small-group Jam Camps are three-and-a-half day instructional-jamming intensives held in Jon’s living room, with views looking out over the town, the ocean and islands beyond. There are three 90 minute classes each day. Only six jammers per camp. There is much more time for jamming and personal attention to your goals, and your way of learning.

Bring Your Questions, Your Problems, Your Hopes & Your Hidden Talents!

Along with the fundamentals of tone and vibrato, we will improvise to different grooves and chord progressions, and create an environment in which you will jam and jam. Mistakes don’t mean a damn thing except an opportunity for next time, and specific ideas on improving.

I am also going to get you playing 3rd position—and 12th. What the hell, for the same amount of money, I’ll throw in 4th and 5th positions too. Might mention a thing or two about songwriting. If you have a poem, or lyrics, or a song— bring them.

We will sing. I have singing tips that cut to the chase. Singing REALLY helps your harp playing.

And if you play guitar, bring that if you’d like tips that helped my uncoordinated fingers do a better job.

The seminar is mostly acoustic, but there will be a session on miking and playing into an amp. If you have a mike you’d like to try, this will be an opportunity. Your wife or partner is welcome to hang out.

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