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In twelve wonderful 12-bar compositions, this perfectly recorded collection of drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard provides a perfect backing for blues harmonica players who want to build their chops. Every important blues groove is represented, and each bluesy track is begging for harp. This is how you get comfortable, experiment, build your chops, and gain valuable experience before you hit that stage.

Download this free sample of “EZ Rhumba.” https://www.payloadz.com/d1/?id=3425760 

Here I am jamming with “EZ Rhumba” and “NY to Memphis” and loving it.

  1. Minor Key BB style, G minor
  2. Texas Shuffle, C
  3. 12/8 Blues. E
  4. Chicago Shuffle, G
  5. Classic Butterfield A
  6. Boogie A (photo)
  7. EZ Rhumba G
  8. New York to Memphis G
  9. Harp Jive E
  10. EZ Swing G
  11. Soul Blues E
  12. Guava Java G

Free to Members of Video Harp Club.

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