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Playing harmonica is one of the best decisions you can make in life. You can make music on it the same day you buy it, and you can spend years pursuing and expressing incredible artistry. The harmonica opens the door to world of people, fun, tradition, personal growth, self-expression, time-free youth, and the joy of jamming. You can live your life through it.

There is no other musical instrument in the world like the diatonic 10 hole harmonica. It works on breath going in and going out. It does not have all the musical notes of the scale. You don’t pay it in the key it was designed to be played in. you can play it while walking and, with one hand, while safely driving. The reeds allow you to lower and raise their natural pitch. The harmonica mimics the sound of the human voice. Did you know you can make the harmonica say, “I love you!”?

The harmonica is easy, until you get hooked and want get good, and now comes the frustration:. How do I play one note at a time? How do I bend notes? How do I know what note to play? How do I jam?

That’s where Jon Gindick, his harp, guitar, books, cds, videos and seminars come into your life.

Teaching Harmonica through Lessons, Books, Recordings, Video, Skype & Jam Camps

I was snagged by the harmonica when I was 16 years old, and at age 73, I am still obsessed. Please join me in this obsession. I make learning fun.

For a sneak peek, click on the free lesson video of me teaching my Cross Harp Forever Lesson.

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Cross Harp Forever & 3rd Position Forever Video Series


Free Video Lessons

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Jon Gindick all three books

Books & Recordings

Jon Gindick is the best-selling author of some of the most referenced literature out there on playing the harmonica. Explore his books and recordings including Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless (Hopeful) and Rock n’ Blues Harmonica.

These titles and more are available for purchase as instant downloads in the store.


Jon Gindick Video Lesson

One-On-One Video Lessons

Video Lessons Are A Great Way to Go…

What Have You Ever Learned Without Real-Time Feedback, Encouragement and Suggestions for Improvement?

You can practice for years, and if you are practicing the wrong things the wrong way, you will never improve. You will only be ingraining bad habits.

Get personalized one-on-one lessons with Jon Gindick to learn how to play the harmonica with great tone and musicality!

Success Stories

I have been taking lessons with Jon for over 6 months via Skype and it has vastly improved my skills. More than skills, working with Jon has refined my groove. Jon is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher and musician who helps me to improve while also encouraging me to feel the joy of playing blues harp.

Or Mars

Jon creates an atmosphere where it is comfortable to jam, even for shy or beginning musicians. A week after Jam Camp, I find that I’ve been able to pick up a harp and jam along with songs much more easily than ever before!

John Shelby

Picking up a harp and attending your jam camp in 2015 was life changing! It was the perfect way to jump-start my blues harmonica journey with subsequent camps further solidifying my passion for the instrument. Your advice and encouragement for all harp players to sing was unexpected that first camp, but has been so important in my journey! I never would have tried singing, but have found that I love it! Harmonica playing and singing is a wonderful combination! I am so grateful, Jon! Many, many thanks!

Gina Manuscov

The small group format in the Ventura felt like a mentor – student environment. Almost a private lesson feel but with the dynamics and learning you can only get it in a peer group setting. It was a very positive learning environment and Jon was very open to tailoring the session agendas to the groups needs and wants. We covered a lot of material and it was challenging but I never felt overwhelmed by the pace nor did anyone else in the group. Bottom line is, I was a better harmonica after the sessions – no doubt about it. We all were and we all had fun. I always feel fortunate to spend time with Jon. In this format he shares his own learning experiences which to me are priceless. Just remember to smile – I learned that.

Steve Adams

Our September 2021 Harp Camp was a blast filled with pure joy and love of learning. Jon is a virtuoso in both his playing and teaching. As a lifelong educator, I know excellent instruction when I see it. To share his tasty banquet of harmonica tips and tools, Jon provided clear demonstrations and modeling followed by guided practice with lots of individual feedback. He distributed our practice over subsequent sessions so we could get a better handle on the practical, doable techniques he taught us. Jon was both warm and supportive and clear and direct in his interactions with us. And his sense of humor created a light hearted atmosphere while we slowly but surely got over the speed bumps that come with learning new material. If you want to turbocharge your harp playing, show up at Harmonica Camp, take a quantum leap in your playing, and fill yourself with rhythm and blues.

John Brewer

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