On Friday Night, we do the Coaches Cabaret, in which the coaches take the hot seat and perform for the campers. We try to make it a very special night in what we call “a listening room environment.” One of our favorite campers made a pretty decent video of our performances last September. I hope you enjoy hearing your coaches.

RJ Mischo

Here’s Rj Micho’s riveting performance, accompanied by Hash Brown on guitar, Ralph Carter on bass.

Hash Brown

Hash Brown, aka Brian Calway, has been with me almost since the beginning of Jam Camp. He plays guitar to lead the Jam Camp band in Ventura and Clarksdale and is a great harp player/singer as this video attests. Ralph Carter swtches to piano and start to appreciate the value Carter brings to our camps.

TJ Klay

TJ Klay is an overblowing harmonica/guitar man who is also a great singer songwriter. He’s been my Blues Harmonica Jam Camp Coach since 2010 and runs some amazing jams, and teaches great lessons. Wait until yiou get about 2 minutes into the video to really hear what TJ does on the harp and guitar.

Cheryl Arena

Cheryl also has been with me for several years and her playing and coaching is an inspiration to campers and coaches alike. At the Coaches Caberet, she played and sang some great stuff.

Brian Purdy

Brian Purdy is a great harp player and coach. He invented and markets the Harp Gear Harp amplifier. he teaches tuning, tone, gripping. He is also a well known expert of the Japanese Shakehazzi Flute. Instead of playing harp, he played this great instrument. Check it out.

Jon Gindick

Then came my turn. This is nervous time with these great performers, and its always more nerve wracking to play in front of of other harp players.

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