Our campers range from advanced intermediates to raw beginners. We have a strong, strong program for all levels. We are a creative center, a spark plug that will get you playing harp, singing, writing songs, repairing harps, writing about harps, creating harmonica products. Although we don’t advise it, our influence make you want to quit your day job. Please don’t as we need you to keep coming back to jam camp! So here are some videos of campers jamming. Bear in mind that they are a work in progress and play better now than they did the videos were shot. You will love these guys!

Ground Zero Night is Thursday Night. At 10pm all the campers take over the club with a 30 minute “train jam” featuring a grand finale at the end. Check this fun out!

A Peter Spodzieja Studio Production Film about Jam Camp! It captures the flavor.

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