Ideas on breaking through stage fright and learning to be a performer.
  1. Small increments of performance will desensitize you to the fear. Treat your voice as a musical instrument, not some failed version of yourself.
  2. Practice with a microphone and Pa.
  3. Sing scales and learn the arts of supporting your voice
  4. Sing within your range. Discover what that is for now and let it expand over time.
  5. Be a you tube performer.
  6. Access a tiny measure of aggression. Eff them if they can’t take a joke has it’s place in acquiring freedom.
  7. Go back in your memory and explore the source of your fear. For me, as a child it was fear of seeming feminine. Realizing that as an adult took a lot of the trauma away. Now I perform in a dress.🙂
  8. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space. Love the people in your audience with their hopes dreams brokenness. Love them for being humans.
  9. Smile when you sing. Smiling reducing our stress is a scientific fact. We all know that when we see somebody smile we feel less stressed and like them more. Smiling also helps you sing better. Express joy not fear
  10. Reframe the fear as “creative elation” and excitement.
  11. Feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s called courage and we all have courage.
  12. Take performance lessons from a good teacher.
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