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Hey Harp Player,

The blues harmonica is tricky to play well. One of the first challenges is playing clean, fat, compelling single notes. To achieve this, many players develop the bad habit of making their mouths small and tight and playing from their lips instead of their throats and bodies. The result is poor tone.

Like singing, you need air pressure support from deep inside to play with your throat hollowed out. You want the harmonica as close as possible to your larynx. If no one tells you and shows you this, your chances of discovering it alone aren’t that great. Blues harmonica is intuitive yet relies on knowledge, practice, and experience. My job as your harp teacher is to help you put it together and get good on your instrument– and to make it fun and encouraging each step of the way.

The books, audio, videos, jam tracks, and SKYPE lessons on this page are each powerful tools for accomplishing this goal. They were created to speak directly to your heart, head, and music-loving soul. The joy and discipline of musical development is life-changing and ongoing.

Let’s get into it!

Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless


Rock N Blues Harmonica


Harmonica Americana


Bluesify Your Melody


Testimonials from Friends and Customers

Jon Gindick is one of the best, most effective, and beloved teachers in our community. He is really the originator of formal but fun Harmonica instruction.

Jason Ricci

Jon Gindick is one of the originals and certainly one of the best the best harmonica instructors in the world.

RJ Mischo

Awesome teacher. Awesome classes!

Rosanne Olson

After kickstarting my playing with Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless (Hopeful), I attended a Jam Camp which helped me play in front of other like-minded people. I have a few of Jon’s books, including Jam tracks, and they are all worth more than the price!

Rob Gilbert

Your book Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless is the reason I play harp now. I would recommend this for everybody.

Michael Davis

I met Jon at SPAH Conference where he taught a harmonica basics session. He’s a great teacher, and he also makes it fun!

Jason Campbell

Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless cassette was my foundation course as a teenager, and it opened up the entire instrument. Within five years I was touring recording and playing with my heroes.

Paul Linden

If you want to learn how to play the harmonica Jon is the professor.

Scott Pavlak

I have your Harmonica Jam Camp T-Shirt! Simply love it!

Venky Iyer

Jon’s book Rockin Blues Harmonica was exactly what I was looking for when I first started playing harmonica. I’d tried many other books previously, but Jon’s one really helped me to understand how to play. It’s written/ recorded in a way that anybody can follow.

Greg Ranger

 Hi, I’m from Antwerp, Belgium. Been using Jon’s books and his harp jam CD , it got me playing melodies in several positions! The best and most entertaining harmonica coach I know.

John Dedeurwaerde

I think I have all your books. Started in the ’80s and still trying learned a lot with your help.

Phillip Caldwell

My favorite teacher, I learn a lot with your tutorials, and I like my harmonica more every day. Thank you; you’re a great person. Congratulations from Paris!

Gonzalo Fuenzalida

I learned so much in Mississippi. Every time I went I learned something new. Had been on stage over 20 years as the vocalist but added blues harmonica and just made it so much better!

Terry Fe

Jon Gindick is THE man when it comes to teaching a beginning harp player. I have all his books, CDs, etc. Been to several of his, “Jam Camps” in Mississippi. That was 20 years ago. Because of Jon Gindick, I perform twice a week (paying gigs) with various bands here in Atlanta! Thank you Jon!!

Al Robinson

Great teacher who explains in the easiest way of tone and rhythm and don’t forget the khe koo.

Adam Keresztes

Jon’s Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless book changed my life. He teaches you from zero to hero… I’ve since sat in on harp with bands in Memphis, Chicago, Nashville, and many other ‘music cities.’ The book makes a fabulous gift for the musically incompetent too!

Ian Tallboy Henly

Several years ago I thought I would never master bending. Then I bought your lesson and wow, I couldn’t believe it. The best 25 dollars I ever spent.

Randall Sales

After frustratingly trying some other instruction books, I got a copy of Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless, with the cassette tape. I connected with Jon’s teaching style immediately and went on to purchase more of his materials. I wouldn’t be playing harmonica if it weren’t for Jon and his passion and skill for teaching. Kinda long but edit away!

Tim Fontaine

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Guitar and harmonica king Jon Gindick has long been known as one of the most exciting harmonica players and teachers on the international scene. His books on playing blues harmonica have sold over a million copies and have inspired tens of thousands to play the harmonica. His Mississippi Delta Blues Harmonica Jam Camps held several times a year in Clarksdale, Mississippi and Ventura, California were world-famous. His act as a single playing harmonica & guitar and singing his songs has opened festivals, and earned standing ovations.

America’s “Harmonica Laureate,” Jon can be found always singing & playing an unforgettable blues.

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